About Travel Clique


At Travel Clique, we provide our customers with our unique touch of outstanding personal service combined with hand held service every step of the way. Our solid experience in planning and organizing destination weddings, honeymoons, and group travel grant all of our customers the professional yet personalized assistance they have come to love us for.

We pride ourselves in creating unforgettable experiences that set us apart from typical travel service companies. Our dedication to our clients is why we consider all of our partners and customers as beloved extensions of our Clique. Here is what we guarantee:

        • A stress-free planning experience.
        • Competitive rates.
        • Our vacation specialists strive hard to exceed your expectations.
        • 24/7 in-travel support

Travel Clique plans highly customized vacations including: destination weddings, honeymoons, cruises, and groups of all sizes.

Our Planning Process

Step 1 – Submit a quote request

Step 2 – Schedule your free consultation to discuss the details of your trip

Step 3 – We’ll start researching and planning the perfect getaway while considering your expectations shared during the consultation process. We will send a proposal with two to three resort options.

Step 4 – Once you approve the proposal, we’ll book your vacation and will be with you to before during and after travels


The Face Behind the Name

I have worn many hats in my life — traveler, family member, entrepreneur, mother, math teacher, travel expert (to name a few).

But in each of these roles in my life, there’s one thing that has always been consistent: I love celebrating people.  

Birthdays, anniversaries, new jobs, graduations, reunions, weddings, birth announcements, the purchase of a new home … you name it, and I’m there, creating a celebration. It brings me so much joy to mark these occasions with my family, friends and clients. 

Honoring moments that matter is how and why I became a travel expert. My most cherished travel memories began as a child on vacation when time stood still, and all was right in my world. Fast forward years later with a family and a busy life of my own, I still dread the last day of our vacation. I’ve always been the planner of the family who organizes reunions, and large group trips with the people I cherish the most. We’ve been to many destinations, and we’ve taken planes, ships, and automobiles. And each time we gather, I sit and watch my Clique, the people I love the most in the world, laughing and connecting and enjoying themselves, and I am filled with a sense of elation and gratitude. There’s nothing like it!

As a travel advisor I’ve been living my dream and working with clients to design travel experiences that celebrate who they are and the things that matter most to them. 

I specialize in destination weddings, anniversaries, honeymoons, and social gatherings of all kinds. 

I believe that the power of travel lies in its ability to open us to new encounters with the wider world. We see the world’s beauty, feel its generosity, engage with all it has to offer — and we come back better for it, richer, more connected. 

And this is the best part of designing celebratory travel experiences for my clients: The trip isn’t just about going somewhere, but also about being in that place and taking it in. The destination becomes an intimate part of the celebration, and the memories last forever. To me, there’s nothing better. 

Angela Jennings

Founder and Travel Advisor


Travel Clique, LLC is an independent contractor with Travel Planners International (TPI) which has a network of over 4,000 travel professionals.

Through our association with TPI, we are able to obtain great rates and give a high level of service.

TPI is a proud member of the International Airlines Travel Agent Network (IATAN), Ensemble, Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), and the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC).

We Create Memories That Last A Lifetime