Packing and travel tips for your flight

Air travel is the most luxurious form of traveling that most people love. To have a convenient journey it is necessary that you are well prepared in advance. You should always book your seat in a good airline that provides satisfactory arrangements for your journey.

Packing and travel tips

1. While you arrange your suitcase and travel bags you should put your name and address both inside and outside it. If you already have this information, you should check whether it is the current one.

2. Leave all medicines, jewelry, eyeglasses, airplane tickets, money, passports, camera or other valuable out of the checked luggage. You should carry these items with you. Many airlines such as the southwest and other carriers dont reimburse you for any loss of such items.

3. You should take a statement from your physician with details of nay particular problems like allergies and a copy of medication and eyeglass prescriptions. You should anticipate any medication you would require and carry it with you.

4. You should put cosmetics, nail enamel, shoe polish, perfume, liquor or anything that might break or spoil your clothes into a plastic or unbreakable container.

5. You should always convert cash into travelers check that could be reissued in case it is lost. Carry any serial numbers separately from the travelers checks. Airlines such as the southwest accept only American Express Travelers Cheques for purchase of tickets.

6. Make a list of the items in your luggage and carry the list with you. Also remove any hooks or pull straps before checking luggage to insure that they dont come off while handling.

7. Never lock your checked luggage because they might require to be opened in case of an inspection. So if you lock your luggage and the TSA forcibly opens your bag via cutting your lock, you shall be responsible for any loss or damage to your luggage.

8. Most of the airlines are liable for loss or damage of checked luggage to a maximum of $ 2,800 only. You can purchase excess valuation insurance for a nominal charge.

9. When you leave the aircraft you should look around to make sure that you have all your personal items with you because airlines cannot be held responsible for items left on board.

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